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Mindful Weaving Worshops Cristina Nicotra

Mindful Weaving Workshop

Mindful Weaving Workshop is an enriching experience. You will immerse yourself in a meditative and historical exploration of this age-old craft and enjoy a deeper appreciation for textiles.

The workshop

This unique experience combines hands-on weaving instruction with the meditative practice of creating textile art.


In this intimate workshop, you'll learn the basics of weaving while creating your own beautiful piece of textile art that can be part of your daily life.

You'll work with beautiful 100% Sardinian wool, traditionally used for its durability, and discover the rich history of this ancient craft and where sustainable fashion comes from.

For whom?

This small-group setting, is perfect for beginners seeking a new skill or anyone wanting to unwind and tap into their creativity.

What is included?

An afternoon of Textile Experience!

It's not a usual class.

I'm providing the materials needed for the workshop.

It's very important to me that everything used for my workshops has the lowest environmental impact I can provide.

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