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SiiM is the mindful and relaxing sustainable fashion adventure.
Helping reconnect to the original bond of body, mind, and environment
through textiles.

The awareness of the fashion industry's contribution to the environmental damage was the push to create Simmering Impressions - SiiM.

SiiM reconnects to the real value of textiles through a tactile and intuitive practice, giving a new emotional connection to our clothes and inviting changing habits to a relaxed sustainable fashion and creative experience.

The meditative mindful textile workshop provides an atmosphere of soothing solace where participants feel balanced and empowered in their fashion and creative experience.

Leaf Wreath

The founder of SiiM is Cristina Nicotra, a multi-passionate textile artist born in Milano and for years based in Dublin. SiiM is born from the desire to develop her answer to the climate crisis using the skills from her family's tailoring tradition and the Yoga philosophy that leads her life.

Let your impression simmer..

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