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Pile of fabrics from Italy
We are committed to use
  • High quality

    • 100% recycled and/or organic post-consumer fabrics

    • Organic fabrics

    • Dead stock and end-of-the-roll fabrics (What is it?)


  • Zero waste or almost Zero waste pattern design techniques (What is it?)

  • Printed designs are handmade silk printed and block-printed with water-based inks

  • Closed Loop Project: Collection and reuse of the worn purchases (Dublin only so far)

  • Recycled and sustainable packaging paper and compostable mailers

  • The label is also a notebook! 

Raw materials are responsible for a significant portion of the total garment footprints, as it is well known. Therefore controlling the type of materials used can change the real carbon impact of the company.

SiiM commits is constantly working on new and better ways to be sustainable, from looking for alternative materials to rethinking our strategies aiming to be fully circular.
This is a small business and we are trying to do our best :)
We are using compostable packaging made from natural starch
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