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Let your impression simmer..

Leaf Wreath
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la pila di me vector_grande.jpg

Our conscious actions have impact on our mind,

each leaving an


This memories deposited in the unconscious

will be constantly recalled

leaving a deeper and stronger impression,

which is becoming a


Very simplistically, this is what is called Samskara, that it is believed to be the base of Karma.


These habits are actions influencing the world around us or

thoughts influencing our mind.

We want to understand

our deeper impressions, or habits,

and choose consciously if they are negative and

get rid or change them.


Yoga has some indications on how to positively deal with our impressions,

mostly matching with what currently we call sustainable living.

In general we are all dealing with our impressions to have a better and fuller life.

We are all simmering our impressions.

Leaf Wreath
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