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Mindful Stitching Workshop Dublin Creativity and relax, Stitching, craft, mindfulness, workshop dublin

Mindful Stitching Workshop

Mindful stitching. Ancient wisdom and intimate gesture in a simple stitch.
A subtle experience of textures, surfaces and space. 
Embracing imperfections and rediscovering their power.


I created the Mindful Stitching Workshop as a meditative practice where the movements and the tactile journey guide you in an unusual relaxing moment.

The workshop

Mindful stitching is a very relaxing slow simple practice.

Stitching is used as a mindful and meditative experience.
Learning to enjoy the gesture and the small movements without focusing on the result. A slow and simple practice aiming at the stillness of the mind and feeling more centred and grounded.

For whom?

Total beginners are more than welcome, no previous sewing experience is required. Actually, while designing this workshop I was thinking about people who never thought of stitching at all, and persons curious to experiment with a different mindful practice.  

What is included?

2 hours of a textile mindful experience!

I'm providing the materials needed for the workshop.

It's very important to me that everything used for my workshops has the lowest environmental impact I can provide.

The fabric is unbleached organic cotton and naturally dyed organic cotton (dyed by me). Threads are the lowest impact that commercially I was able to find, based on the certifications (I can share the details). 

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