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Rest is a rebellious act.

The re-appropriation of slow living is a rebellious act which goes against the mainstream expectation of constantly increasing productivity with no thoughts about our well-being and the environment.

I believe that no sustainability, even more, sustainable
fashion, can be achieved without priority to rest and focus on physical and mental well-being.
I invite you to be a rebel.

To support the rebellious cause I share Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation practice that helped me to restore my balance.

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What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a mix of ancient and more recent practices aimed at providing a relaxing effect on our brain and nervous system.

During Yoga Nidra, you will be not fully awake and not fully sleeping, which gives space for relaxing, sleeping better, remembering our dreams, stimulating creativity and helping us to a healing path.

Do you need a break?

Here FREE 5 minutes of
Rotating awareness of the body

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A little bit of my Yoga journey day in late 2000, after landing in Warsaw for researching my Master's thesis, I applied to a Yoga course...

I didn't speak Polish and I had no clue what was Yoga exactly.

In the big tatami room, this very serious guy spent at least 20 minutes of the 2 hours classes talking, then he was letting us stay in quite uncomfortable positions for long long minutes, tided up with straps.

So weird. I totally loved it.

This is the very beginning of my journey of self-discovery.

Certifications Yoga teacher 200 RTY at Yoga Room in Dublin with Ciara Cronin; specialized in Yoga Nidra at YogaLeela with Jannie Wadsten and Melanie Cooper; in Pranayama (breathwork) with Melanie Cooper at The Shala London; Yin Yoga at YogaLeela/The Shala with Jannie Wadsten and Melanie Cooper. ​I studied Art in Milan and cultivated my love for art and textiles all my life. I love to combine Yoga and Creativity.

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