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The Unusual Quest

It happened that I was learning more and more about fast fashion and the fashion environmental impact and...

my jeans gave me an ultimatum that I couldn't fulfil. So they honorably died. Leaving a non figurative and unrepairable hole in my life.

Here starts a little drama: Grail quest style, where I started to look for a pair of jeans that were sustainable. This quest took honestly quite some time, but I found few brands.

Here there is the story twist: I wanted jeans that suits me nicely AND I was willing to spend only a little more that a regular pair.

Results: I couldn't find any.

Now let the feeling sink: you can pay for what you need, but it doesn't exists.

(I'm celiac so it's not an unknown feeling, but still)

Therefore I started to think.

I kept studying about circular economy and sustainability in fashion and textile, I took courses and certifications,

but these constant back thoughts unexpectedly brought me somewhere new.

I decided to put out of misery all the people like me, that are looking for sustainable fashion that is also cool, fresh and beautiful.

My thoughts led me also to people that are discovering my same passion for Yoga and want to wear something different, more in line with this lifestyle.

It happens that I have been gifted with love for Art and a bunch of creative skills that I haven't been used for a good cause in years.. so I started to work on the project of a fashion brand inspired by Yoga that could give the level of sustainability that I would demand.

Here we have SIIM.

It's the beginning of this project but I think it's a good start. I'm keeping researching for new and better ways to be in fashion, in order to offer something beautiful, comfortable but that also cares about people and environment.

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