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Sustainable Festivities? Here some tips

Here we are! Probably we didn't expect to have our winter holidays in this specific circumstances, but here we are.

For most of us this is a period of extra planning because the soon-very-soon gatherings, offline and online, presents exchange, and we have relatively short time to arrange everything.

Let's be honest, my thought is ...don't buy presents!

I know it's extreme and not always smart for the future health of our relationships, but at least a cut can be considered.

This is my story:

Ho my! What am I going to buy for ....... this year?

We end up buying a lot of irrelevant stuff to our dears, of course out of love.

Our dears, of course out of love, will put the cute-but-irrelevant gifts aside for a year, until it's time to throw the stuff away..

And here how it goes: that stuff 95% of the time ends in a landfill not that far away from our house, to stay there for the next 1000 years leaking some toxic chemicals in the subterranean water that we then drink...

I know, my story is more like a nightmare before Xmas story.

But you got the gist and it's most likely true.

Let's make a list!

Let's see who would be very offended and if we care of the offended.

This is a good step, sent your love and let's see for the next year.

The second list:

Who's enjoying a surprise or getting something different?

Well, here I propose to switch to something unusual.

What about gifting our dears with some... food?

Ha! FOOD?!?!?

Yes, food.

But Go and go crazy!

if you are sure you know exactly what your beloved person wants and will love for long time! Good quality, long lasting beautiful and useful presents.

Maybe a self-care voucher or interesting and uplifting course, you will give pleasure and distraction, leaving no presents for the landfill.


If you really have no clue or you exhausted all the options 3 years ago at least,

and you still want to give a cool gift, I say:

find some cool, delicious (maybe local) food

and bring it as gift!

Examples for small but refined gifts can be

an exceptional blend of coffee or uncommon mix of tea leaves,

maybe some handmade luscious chocolate,

but you can also make a basket of few delicious things to bring a spark in the cold winder days.

Bringing a bottle of wine or the preferred drink it's a classic (and it's always welcome), but you can make it a memorable present choosing something really special, that will remind of you when consumed.

You can arrange to have delivered or bringing with you freshly baked delectable goods, that would be an irresistible surprise!

There are many alternatives, one more special than the other.

They will make your beloveds actually happy for your gift, as they can enjoying them (for sure), maybe in your company, if you are meeting in person, and leave the cute-but-irrelevant-stuff outside our houses, and the environment.


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