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Sustainable clothes. What does it even mean??

SIIM tips for shopping sustainable
SIIM tips for shopping sustainable

Mother Earth big issue is caused by pollution. Yes we know.

Lots of this pollution is caused by our old clothes dumped somewhere in lands and oceans, and very much on how our clothes are produced. Yes, we kind of know that, right?

Facts: no planet B available (and how would they pick who's going to go there anyway? So may movies on the topic)

Reasonable answer: let's just change habits!

Few very easy changes we can make are: buying less clothes, swap them and if we need to buy them ..just following some rules…

"OMG so many rules already!"

"True. But this ones are going to make you feel cooler."

The brand you choose for your next amazing piece of clothes must guarantee:

  1. great design

  2. fits you perfectly as you wanted

but also gives you:

  • Very good materials: not only you'll feel the difference literally on your skin, but your clothes will last longer, even looking amazing or even better after many laundries. You’ll love them, they are bound to carry good memories. You can keep them for more than one season or swap it like it's still new.

    • Signature clothes are way cooler than random fast fashion. We know.

  • Sustainable materials. Wait what? Not easy to know all the super tech innovation or the very local productions, but you can easily follow this:

    • Check the internal tag! You can for sure find some visible certifications logos on the internal labels of the clothes.

    • Online shops: certification logos are usually where it is the item description or somewhere around in that page.

With this little effort now you can really say you are trying to save the planet.

  • Made with love. I'm sure you don’t want to wear something that has tears and blood on it (Small hands, starving hands, etc.) That's so so not cool. You want to know that fashion professionals are happy and proud of making the amazing stuff you just bought.

    • So check it out! Again check the internal tag. The very low price is a good indication anyway. Can you imagine the charge of love you’ll bring around?

In conclusion: Internal tags are your super sustainability power!

There are many local brands giving all of those things (SIIM is one of them), as well few big sustainable brands and some collections of main brands.

This is a new little habit that will make our future less scary, and I think it’s pretty cool to be part of it.

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